The ROI in engaging a professional

Have you every started to program a survey on line or crunch some data in excel, maybe research which CRM is best for you and you realized that although you love this stuff, it really is not the best use of your time?

This is where a freelance consultant can step in and make your life easier!

Why hire a professional?

  • Demonstrated skills and experience to do the job
  • No rework: It takes skill to do it right, if you want it done right the first time
  • Assurance of quality deliverables
  • It is not cost-effective to do this yourself, and you have better things to do

Specifically, experienced data collection professionals:

  • Know the questions to ask: when to use an open ended question, when to close it
  • Know when a client needs to take a step back from question wording
  • They may ask, several times, what do you want to know; what decisions will you make with the data?
  • Have employed project management and think of every detail
  • Have experience with many data collections platforms and options and can assess or recommend
  • They have a pretty good idea of how much time things take
  • They will anticipate the issues you will encounter coming in on time and on budget with a quality product

Educated and Experienced professionals will:

  • Apply data ‘science’ and rigor to the design of the data collection instrument
  • Look at constructs and will insist on understanding what you want to know
  • Will ensure your questions address the objectives
  • Know from experience (and they research your specific content area) about what questions  work
  • Can really ‘get at’ issues — in satisfaction surveys satisfied people return, or recommend a business
  • Have access to banks of validated questions
  • Likely cost less per hour than you do
  • Be ‘detail’ focused and take care of the detail for you
  • If you are doing this in your spare time or off the side of your desk, you will miss detail, guaranteed
  • Be comfortable working with and adapting to different technologies to implement surveys
  • Will consider how to analyze the results when designing the questions
  • Will keep up to date with the latest evidence on survey best practices

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