Welcome! Are you mystified by all the talk about BIG data. What is it, and more importantly, what does it mean for the small and medium-size business owner? You are at the right place.

Small businesses and organizations have or can easily get a great deal of data. Most use it today, to varying degrees: sales data, market data, employee data, customer data to name a few.

What could customer data do for you?

Simply, focus scarce resources for results.

1. Data about customers or potential customers can help target a product or service and focus your marketing to the demographic segment you already have or want!

2. Analyzing the data you already have about what customers buy and when they buy can help you target your product purchases and promotions.

3. Data about what your customers are saying about you on social media can help you understand how you are viewed and tell you where you may need to focus your customer service growth.

4. Data about how ‘satisfied’ your customers are, or their ‘experience’, and where they think you could make improvements, can help your business focus on what to do next.

5.Data about the ‘competitors’ or other businesses in your area – can show you were potential partnerships or synergies could be built and provide insight into what is ‘working’ for them in terms of marketing.